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Since the foundation was established in 1936, we have been working to improve people’s lives and address social justice issues across the United States. Our grantees today follow in the footsteps of those who blazed trails in civil rights, women’s rights, education reform, public interest media, diversity in the arts and voter engagement.

With nearly 60 percent of our grant budget focused on the United States, our grantees continue to engage in forward-looking work—government accountability and transparency, racial justice and minority rights, next-generation workforce strategies, affordable homeownership, access to education, reproductive rights and media access and rights.

What We’re Doing

Our U.S. work is carried out through three strategic programs: Democracy, Rights and Justice; Economic Opportunity and Assets; and Education, Creativity and Free Expression. To learn more about the initiatives within these programs, or to apply for a grant, visit the Issues section of our Web site.

Issue Initiative
Democratic and Accountable Government
Human Rights
Gender, Sexuality and Reproductive Justice
Economic Fairness
Metropolitan Opportunity
Educational Opportunity and Scholarship
Freedom of Expression




  • Ana Marie Argilagos
  • Louis N.  Bickford
  • Amy Brown
  • Chris Cardona
  • Alberto Cerda Silva
  • Don Chen
  • Rocio L. C√≥rdoba
  • Penny Davies
  • Lisa  Davis
  • Frank F. DeGiovanni
  • Frederick James Frelow
  • Margaret Hempel
  • LaShawn R. Jefferson
  • Brook Kelly-Green
  • Amy Kenyon
  • Jee Kim
  • Kirsten D. Levingston
  • Christine Looney
  • Jerry Maldonado
  • Vivek Malhotra
  • Lori McGlinchey
  • Cara Mertes
  • Helen Neuborne
  • Mayra Peters-Quintero
  • Barbara Raab
  • Rakesh Rajani
  • Sanjiv Rao
  • Lourdes A. Rivera
  • Laine Romero-Alston
  • Jean Ross
  • Jenny Toomey
  • Roberta Uno
  • Anna Shireen Wadia
  • Eric K. Ward
  • Douglas Wood
  • Luna Yasui


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New York, N.Y. 10017

+1 212 573 5000
+1 212 351 3677

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