Creativity and Free Expression

The stories we tell, and the art we create, help us understand our world and make connections to others. Yet the stories we hear the most still disproportionately favor and represent a select few. By lifting up underrepresented or unheard voices, we can strengthen understandings of human complexity. We can push back against narratives that undermine fairness. And we can disrupt inequality.

Our work explores how cultural narratives affect and shape our reality, and how the arts, journalism, and film can contribute to fairer and more just societies. We are committed to strengthening diverse networks of cultural producers and decision makers. We seek to illuminate the root causes of injustice.

Across our work we prioritize support to artist-driven projects and organizations that include deep and meaningful engagement with communities.

What we don’t fund

We know nonprofit staff’s time is valuable, so we discourage using it to submit proposals that don’t fall within funding guidelines. In this spirit, we aim to be transparent about what our grant making does not support.

Our grant making does not support advocacy and commissioned projects, educational initiatives and student projects, film schools, journalism tools and technology, and awards, scholarships, and endowment funds.

More from Creativity and Free Expression

Program Officer, Creativity and Free Expression
New York, USA
Program Officer, Creativity and Free Expression
New York, USA
Program Officer, Creativity and Free Expression
New York, USA
Project Director, Moving Image Strategies, International Programs
New York, USA
Director, Creativity and Free Expression
New York, USA
Senior Program Officer, JustFilms, Creativity and Free Expression
New York, USA

Anticipated Outcomes

Inclusive arts and expression

A more representative and inclusive range of arts, film, and journalism have an increasingly central and enduring place in the mainstream as well as in specific communities.

New audiences

Innovative strategies help connect more people with a more representative and inclusive range of creative and free expression.

A strong, well-resourced press

A more diverse, inclusive, and independent press has more resources to reach broad audiences, providing them with information that matters to them.

Robust funding

Greater funding and a broadened base of support allows for more diverse social justice storytelling in arts, film, and journalism.

Stability, strategy, diversity

Arts, film, and journalism organizations and networks are more stable and strategic—and have more diverse leadership.