Art is a powerful ally in the fight for social justice. It gives voice to the unheard and visibility to the marginalized. This understanding is central to the work of the Ford Foundation, and to the vision of the Ford Foundation Gallery.

In this space, we shine a light on artwork that wrestles with difficult questions, calls out injustice, and points the way toward a more fair and just future.

Image: Cannupa Hanska Luger, The One Who Checks & The One Who Balances, 2018 Courtesy of the artist, Photo credit: Chip Thomas, Ginger Dunnill

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Guided by principles of inclusion, collaboration, and urgency, we tell stories that are underrepresented in traditional art spaces. In doing so, our hope is for the Ford Foundation Gallery to be a responsive and adaptive space, one that serves the public in its openness to experimentation, contemplation, and conversation.

Lisa Kim, Ford Foundation Gallery Director

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Image: Tiffany Chung, finding one’s shadow in ruins and rubble, 2014