Ford Foundation Gallery

Opening March 2019

The Ford Foundation Gallery aims to shine a light on artwork that wrestles with difficult questions, calls out injustice, and points the way toward a more fair and just future. Our hope is for this to be a responsive and adaptive space, one that serves the public in its openness to experimentation, contemplation, and conversation.

Arts at the Ford Foundation

The arts and creative expression are essential to justice. This understanding has always been central to the Ford Foundation’s work. In 1956, an internal foundation memo read, “The humanities and the arts exist not merely as an adornment to society but as the repository of some of its most essential wisdom and of a good part of its moral fiber.”

Today, we believe that art, creativity, and freedom of expression have an increasingly important role to play in social change. We invest in the arts across a range of media and issues, and visitors to our New York headquarters can view and consider a collection of diverse contemporary works that reflect our mission of challenging inequality.