Layered rubbings of the word LIFETIME  in brown, blue and white colored pencil on pink paper.

Current exhibition

No Justice Without Love

4 April - 30 June 2023

Past exhibitions

Six colorful tufted wool panels spell out NO PROTECTION in various combinations of orange, purple, red, green, pink, light blue, and black yarn.

Indisposable: Tactics for Care and Mourning

1 October - 10 December 2022

Painting of a female figure with wavy black hair seated on an armchair surrounded by large green leaves sprouting from the wooden floorboards. She is wearing bright red shoes, a blue and white dress and her exposed skin is covered in foliage.

everything slackens in a wreck

1 June - 20 August 2022

Person lying on the grass looking at a mountain range.

Indisposable: Structures of Support After the ADA

17 September 2020 - 24 February 2022

Image of daàPò réo, I TO I (Two-sided Flag from the Self Portraits series). Two American flags made up of different fabrics hung up side by side against a gray background.

For Which It Stands

5 October - 4 December 2020

A photo of Hanska Luger's "The One Who Checks & The One Who Balances". A person wearing a colorful multi-patterned jumpsuit stands on a rock cliff looking out onto a desert with patches of green brush dotting the landscape.

Utopian Imagination

17 September - 7 December 2019

Athi-Patra Ruga Umesiyakazi in Waiting, 2015

Radical Love

11 June - 17 August 2019

Otobong Nkanga, The Weight Of Scars (2015) © The Artist And In Situ Fabienne Leclerc

Perilous Bodies

5 March - 11 May 2019