5 October - 4 December 2020
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Ford Foundation Gallery 
320 E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017
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Curated by Emily Alesandrini, Natasha Becker, and Eileen Jeng Lynch

Exhibiting artists

For Which It Stands is an evolving physical and online exhibition platform featuring contemporary artists who use the iconic American flag, loaded with centuries of convoluted history and exclusion, to create new symbols of national identity. Amid a highly volatile political climate and rise in white nationalism across the country, these artists assert their place and affirm the multiplicity of the American experience while addressing issues including police brutality, systemic racism, socioeconomic disparities, patriarchy, and misinformation.

This off-site program is curated by Emily Alesandrini, Natasha Becker, and Eileen Jeng Lynch and presented in collaboration with Assembly Room. For Which It Stands is an independent and activist-oriented initiative that will present a weekly series of conversations and initiatives by curators and artists.

All program details and updates may be found on social media via Instagram @forwhichitstands and the exhibition website www.forwhichitstands.art

Image caption: daàPò réo, I TO I (Two-sided Flag from the Self Portraits series), 2020, West African textiles, 60 x 36 inches. Photo courtesy of the artist.