From the President

Democracy at a Crossroads: A Call for Courageous Leadership

America is at a crossroads—one that presents hard choices to us about the kind of nation we are and will become. This moment demands our courage and our morality, that we listen and lead with humility, curiosity, and empathy. And we must be brave enough to meet this moment.

Darren Walker, in a suit and tie, standing at a podium, speech on March 4, 2024, at Cooper Union’s Great Hall in New York City as part of the Benjamin Menschel Distinguished Lecture series.
White nationalists and supremacists and neo Nazis carrying torches, surrounded and taunted counter protestors in Charlottesville.

Rejecting the Rising Tide of Antisemitism

Antisemitism is not new, but it is both on the rise and dangerously brazen. If we ignore the hate that fuels it and allow the indifference that enables us to overlook or ignore it, everyone suffers.

On a clear day, flags from various nations billow in the wind in front of the UN headquarters in New York: a modern rectangular skyscraper.

Guest Essay: A More Inclusive Global Order Is Possible

At the United Nations General Assembly, we must reorganize our efforts around the needs of people and communities, not just nation states—so governments, civil society, and private sector entities all…

Night-time picture of an American Flag hanging from a flag pole.

After Affirmative Action: The Deconstruction Era

The Supreme Court’s decision to ban race conscious admissions in higher education poses a grave threat to democracy, derailing important progress that began in the mid-20th century.

A hand holding a cellphone. The screen is completely black the Open Ai logo in the center.

Opinion: AI changes everything. We need new guardrails to survive it. And soon.

Machine learning is poised to radically reshape the future of everything for good and for ill.

New Gospel of Wealth

The Future of Philanthropy

A bold vision for philanthropy in the 21st century is needed—one that moves giving from generosity to justice.

Darren Walker in dark rimmed glasses, a light blue shirt and a bright blue blazer faces Lesley Stahl wearing a black blouse and beige jacket.

Answering the call for justice: Ford on 60 Minutes

In the midst of one of history’s most tumultuous years, president Darren Walker sat down with 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl to talk about the challenges facing the world and how we must reimagine philanthropy to answer the call for justice.

A collage illustration of healthcare workers, board members, and people on the construction site of a house. All against a teal background.

Five years of Mission Investments

Five years after committing $1 billion to impact investing, we evaluate the performance of our Mission Investments portfolio and share the lessons we’ve learned to deliver even more impact in the years to come.

Portrait of Darren Walker

Darren Walker: Optimist, Realist, Prophet.

Darren Walker speaks with Town & Country about the future of philanthropy, art’s ability to help us see the humanity in others, and how we must all question our role in the social challenges we want to solve.

An environmental activist removes plastic waste stuck in mangrove plants

Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities Must Lead the Way to a Just Energy Transition

As leaders from government and the private sector convene for COP28 to find new frameworks for climate finance and a just energy transition, local and Indigenous voices must be front and center. And there must be a verifiable commitment to respect and protect their rights

A large group of demonstrators participating in a gay and lesbian pride parade.

Honoring Our Past and Fighting for Our Future

Too many LGBTQ+ people are still battling for the simple yet profound right to march to their own rhythms.This Pride Month, we honor our past by fighting for our future—and continuing to build and broaden the path to progress.