Decolonizing Humanitarian Aid With Degan Ali and Martín Abregú

Our interview series “On What Matters” returns for a third season.

A studio setup with multiple lights, cameras, and crew members surrounding a central figure, a woman in a pink hijab and patterned dress, who is seated and being interviewed. The text overlay reads "On What Matters with Degan Ali.

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Ideas at Ford

A conversation series exploring complex social justice issues and solutions.

A collage illustration of demonstrators against an orange background

Investing in Change: Why We Must Support Women and Gender-Diverse Leaders

The numbers don’t lie: There are tremendous economic advantages to elevating women and gender-diverse leaders—and equally large costs to bear if we don’t.

Darren Walker, in a suit and tie, standing at a podium, speech on March 4, 2024, at Cooper Union’s Great Hall in New York City as part of the Benjamin Menschel Distinguished Lecture series.

Democracy at a Crossroads: A Call for Courageous Leadership

The only way to protect democracy, to preserve democracy, is through the give and take—through the slow, sometimes-frustrating, consensus-building machinery that our founders engineered.

Montage of Ford Global Fellows and colorful shapes

Ford Foundation Announces 26 New Members of Ford Global Fellowship

The Ford Foundation announced today the 2024 cohort of the Ford Global Fellowship, a program which aims to connect and support the next generation of leaders from around the world…

Minor League baseball players from the Tri-City ValleyCats' AJ Lee gets a high five from teammates.

Lessons from America’s pastime: Support Organized Labor

The Minor League’s unionization is a win for all workers.

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Big Ideas

A collage of women with the words The Future Is Hers

The Future Is Hers

Around the world, women have become an unstoppable force. They are rewriting the rules, redefining power, and reimagining what equality looks like. With their collective power, anything is possible. Inequality will be a thing of the past—the future is hers.

Illustrations of Vanguards of Justice

Vanguards of Justice

Find out what it takes to lead today’s movements for voting rights, criminal justice reform, protecting workers and migrants, Black entrepreneurship and more.

Raising the Bar: The Social Justice Leaders Making History at the Supreme Court

Five grantees tell us about their work in pivotal cases that went before the Court.

A montage of black and white photos of Aarti Kohli, Andy Marra, Evan Milligan, Sarah Kastelic, and Sirine Shebaya