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Big ideas

Today’s challenges, from climate change to institutional racism, demand new, inventive solutions. We dig into some of the toughest issues facing society today because tackling inequality requires tough questions and uncomfortable conversations. Advancing justice calls all of us to think bigger and act bolder.

A blue and green illustration showing scenes of demonstrators, healthcare workers, and maintenance people working together. In the background are a food truck, silhouettes of people floating in browser windows, and shrubbery.

A playbook for an equitable future

​Two years ago, our world changed forever. COVID-19 overwhelmed every facet of our societies. Reimagine Recovery: A Playbook for an Equitable Future offers a detailed vision of recovery, beginning in the places we work and live and extending to our largest global stages.

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Our Social Bond to Strengthen the Social Justice Sector

As COVID-19 swept the globe, organizations stepped up to take on its far-reaching impacts and found themselves in peril, struggling to survive financially. That’s why we issued a social bond—the first ever by a foundation—to ensure nonprofits can carry on their important work to serve the most vulnerable communities.

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Around the world, women are becoming an unstoppable force for change. They are rewriting the rules, redefining power, and reimagining what equality looks like. Gender inequality will be a thing of the past—the future is hers.

Understanding how disability interconnects with the issues of social justice is critical to creating a future of opportunity for all.

We brought together a multitude of voices—from Priscilla Chan to Ai-jen Poo—to determine what’s required to redefine philanthropy for the 21st century.

What does it take to move the world? ​Meet the individuals who represent a new guard of social justice, building a future grounded in equality for all.

We asked everyone from Elton John to Black Lives Matters’ Alicia Garza to provide their definition of inequality, so together we can become better equipped to tackle it in all its forms.

COVID-19 posed new challenges for the creative industry, but it didn’t strip artists and writers of their imagination. Forty practitioners across the arts offer their visions for the future.

The Four Freedoms made famous by President Franklin Roosevelt remain relevant as America confronts a crisis of democracy and works to extend those freedoms to all.

Technology has transformed our lives, but how do we stop it from perpetuating inequality? A new field has emerged to ensure tech remains a force for good.

The fight for civil rights began more than 70 years ago, but it’s far from over. The creators behind the seminal TV series reflect on the past—and present—movements for justice.

How do we keep the American Dream alive? Fulfilling the promise of democracy starts by understanding every person’s journey, from the opportunities to the obstacles.