Advancing justice starts with supporting the individuals and institutions working tirelessly to address the underlying drivers of inequality. We fund a range of organizations around the world that align with our programs.

Avoid scams

There are individuals using Ford’s name without authorization suggesting that funds are forthcoming if they pay a fee. These messages are fraudulent. Please note that the foundation never charges a fee in connection with its grants.

Awarded grants

Our database features grants made today and dating as far back as 2006. To delve deeper into our past grantmaking, annual reports from 1950-2012 can be viewed in the governance and financial statements archive.

Understanding our grantmaking

Group of women wearing bright color sari's, smiling and helping to unload a food supply delivery truck.

How we make grants

How does an endowment work? How does grantmaking help fuel social change? These videos break down the essentials of grantmaking and explain how the foundation operates.

Photograph of a construction site with cranes and some skyscraper buildings in the background.

Building Institutions and Networks

Because tackling inequality requires endurance, we have dedicated $2 billion of our budget to help strengthen social justice institutions. We call this effort BUILD.

Group of High School Marching Band members holding musical instruments and wearing red or gray t-shirts.

Other resources

Because our funds are limited, we welcome you to learn more about other philanthropic organizations that may be able to further your work.