Anita Khashu is the director of Ford’s Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Justice team. She oversees the foundation’s immigrant rights portfolio. 

Anita has worked as a nonprofit lawyer, manager, and philanthropic advisor in the United States, Latin America, and Africa. She has managed a national funder collaborative and large and complex nonprofit programs, provided direct legal services, conducted research, and given strategic consulting services to nonprofits and philanthropies. 

Prior to joining Ford, Anita was the director of the Four Freedoms Fund (FFF), the largest funder collaborative in the United States supporting the immigration field. At FFF, she worked in support of the organization’s mission to strengthen the capacity of the immigrant justice movement. Before joining FFF, she was the founding director of the Vera Institute of Justice’s Center on Immigration, a Fulbright Scholar, a scholar-in-residence at the Center for Inter-American Studies and Programs at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico, and a staff attorney with the Legal Aid Society of New York in its criminal practice. 

Anita serves on the board of the Envision Freedom Fund and the Management Center. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Tufts University and a juris doctorate from Boston University School of Law.