The Organizational Mapping Tool (OMT) is an open-source, organizational assessment tool that is designed to help nonprofits identify and prioritize their organizational strengthening needs. BUILD grantees use the tool at the beginning of their grant period to help them better understand and prioritize their needs in key areas like strategy, leadership, finances, and systems. The OMT also yields data that the foundation’s BUILD team uses to improve its own responsiveness and performance.

Why we chose this tool

The OMT is designed to provide clear qualitative markers of organizational development, creating an assessment of an organization’s current state as well as a roadmap for its improvement. Administering the OMT leads to rich, productive, participatory conversations and insights. We believe the process itself is a form of institutional strengthening.

How it works

Unlike many other assessment tools, the OMT is designed to be a face-to-face, organization-wide process. With expenses covered by the foundation, BUILD grantees choose a trained facilitator to conduct a session where their entire staff completes the OMT together. The sessions vary in length, and depend on an organization’s preferences.

While Ford program officers do not see the individual results unless an organization chooses to share them, the OMT serves as an essential source of learning for our BUILD program, and the foundation as a whole. An external vendor provides us with anonymized, aggregate data from completed OMTs, so that we can identify patterns across the BUILD cohort to help us better meet their needs.

Still have questions?

Read the Organizational Mapping Tool FAQ.

Get the Organizational Mapping Tool

The OMT is a key part of all our BUILD grants, but as an open-source tool, it is available for anyone to use. It is currently available in seven languages, which you can access below.

Arabic, 1.5MB

أداة رسم الخرائط التنظیمیة (OMT)

English, 2MB

Organizational Mapping Tool (OMT)

Indonesian, 1.3MB

Alat Pemetaan Organisasi (OMT)

Kiswahili, 1.9MB

Nyenzo Ya Shirika Kujiangaliza Kwa Kina-Fomu Binafsi (OMT)

Mandarin, 1.9MB

组织对照分析工具, 3.0/中国版 (OMT)

Portuguese, 1.5MB

Ferramenta de Mapeamento Organizacional (OMT)

Spanish, 2.4MB

Herramienta de Mapeo Organizacional (OMT)