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South African journalist Mark Gevisser reflects on Nelson Mandela’s legacy as “a universal symbol for goodness and wisdom, for the ability to change and the power of reconciliation.”

Albie Sachs, anti-apartheid campaigner and former judge in the Constitutional Court of South Africa, outlines Mandela’s profound commitment to democracy.

Madiba: An audio history, and a life in photographs.

Every year, around 15 million people access small-dollar credit products—like payday, pawn and auto title advance loans. A new report from the Center for Financial Services Innovation looks at why consumers turn to these potentially high cost products.

Meanwhile, federal regulators are cracking down on websites that sell sensitive consumer data to payday lenders and banks that offer innocuous-sounding “deposit advances.”

With fewer jobs available in or near the communities where lower-income workers tend to live, many of them contend with a lengthy “stretch commute.”

One potential solution: A new auto loan program aimed at lower income borrowers will help consumers who can benefit most from a safe, reliable used car—and also help them avoid predatory lenders.

America’s AIDS epidemic is becoming concentrated among poor, young black and Hispanic men who have sex with men—and the national response has been “fragmented and hesitant.”

A portrait of life on minimum wage and a case for an increase that could reduce poverty.

A new report looks at the flow of technology talent away from the public sector. “If we don’t take drastic actions to improve this tech pipeline,” said report co-author Sam Gill, “we’re going to have a government that is not really relevant to the governance of the 21st century.”

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