As artificial intelligence continues to transform our daily lives and power our world, are we stopping to ask ourselves, “Do these technologies benefit all of us? Or just some of us?”

We spoke with Joy Buolamwini, self-proclaimed Poet of Code, MIT Media Lab graduate researcher and Algorithmic Justice League founder, about how she’s fighting the “coded gaze”—a term she uses to describe algorithmic bias—and is taking a stand against the weaponization of technology.

“Flawed facial recognition systems pose serious risks for people of color when it comes to interactions with law enforcement, and even if systems were flawless they can still be abused. Black communities are grappling with police violence and racial discrimination. As AI technology continues to evolve, tech companies have a responsibility to ensure that their products are used to strengthen communities, not deepen racial inequities.” — Joy Buolamwini

Joy is part of a larger community that wants to see technology serve the greater welfare of society. We call this #PublicInterestTech!