Accessibility Statement

  • All videos produced by the Ford Foundation since 2020 include captions and downloadable transcripts. For videos where visuals require additional understanding, we offer audio-described versions.
  • We are continuing to make videos produced prior to 2020 accessible.
  • Videos from third-party sources (those not produced by the Ford Foundation) may not have captions, accessible transcripts, or audio descriptions.
  • To improve accessibility beyond our site, we’ve created a free video accessibility WordPress plug-in.

In this virtual conversation, president Darren Walker and Harvard University professor and philosopher Michael J. Sandel discuss how meritocratic societies–where the credo “you can make it if you try” prevails–exacerbate inequality and stymie social mobility. They examine what it would take to create a more just society for all, where opportunity is more widespread, polarization is reduced and there is a commitment to a shared understanding of the common good.