For research, training and dissemination to develop a rights-based approach to digital media and information literacy with a focus on empowering marginalized women’s use of digital online technologies


Ideosync Media Combine

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Total Amount
Grant approval
$200,000 – November 2018
Grant increase
$70,000 – May 2022
Approval date
November 2018
Start date
April 2019
End date
June 2023
Grant type
Arts, culture and media
Benefiting location


  • Our current program structure was established in 2018. For grants made between 2006-2018, where there was not a direct mapping from one of the previous program areas to the current structure, the “Other Grantmaking” label was applied. View the “topics” associated with these grants to better understand them.

    For more recent grants, this label indicates that the grant’s funding source was outside of a program’s budget. Some examples include our philanthropy and Good Neighbor Committee grants.

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  • Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Justice

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