A nonprofit in Queens taught a diverse group of people to write iPhone apps—bringing women, underrepresented minorities and immigrants into the tech field, and helping their incomes jump more than $55K. (Vox)

Goodbye net neutrality, hello net discrimination: The FCC’s proposed new rule “threatens to make the Internet just like everything else in American society: unequal in a way that deeply threatens our long-term prosperity.” Plus: How to take action to protect net neutrality. (The New Yorker, The Nation)

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“It’s not that India’s poor don’t know how to use a toilet, or that they should be using it, it’s that they literally can’t.” (Hazlitt)


McDowell County, the poorest in West Virginia, is “a sobering reminder of how much remains broken, in drearily familiar ways and utterly unexpected ones” 50 years after the War on Poverty. Plus, an interactive map of poverty in America. (The New York Times)

How to create common ground between the labor and climate movements. (The Nation)

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