More than a year ago, The New Yorker’s Larissa MacFarquhar approached us with an idea for a story: a look into the Ford Foundation’s history and evolution, with particular attention to how we are recalibrating our work to address inequality, the defining challenge of our time.

It’s not often that a journalist and publication of such distinction takes interest in our sector, so we were delighted to open our doors and spend so much time with Larissa, while our new strategy—what we call FordForward—was just beginning to come into focus.

Today, as Larissa’s profile hits the newsstands, the internal thinking and reflection she observed is informing our work every day. We’re deeply proud of the direction we’re headed.

In collaboration with thousands of partners and grantees, we are fully engaged in the hard work of disrupting inequality of every kind and category, and building a more just and peaceful world with dignity and opportunity for all.

As a year of transition gives way to a year of transformation—and our institution’s 80th year of supporting visionary people, their ideas, and their organizations—we are grateful for our tremendous privilege and obligation to do good. And we are optimistic about the journey ahead.

Visit The New Yorker’s website to read the full article, “What money can buy: Darren Walker and the Ford Foundation set out to conquer inequality.