The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade and far too many others are tragedies that have played out time and time again over four centuries in this nation. They are the result of generations of inhumane treatment, oppression, racism and injustice in America.

It’s long past time to address the deep, systemic, and structural inequalities faced by black and brown people. My Ford Foundation colleagues and I are united with those calling for safety, dignity, opportunity, reform, and justice.

We will continue to support organizations that fight tirelessly for justice and equality, like Color of Change, Equal Justice Initiative, the Committee to Protect Journalists and many, many more. These organizations are demonstrating leadership by lighting a path forward and drawing on our collective power, together. As funders, we learn from our grantees and, in the weeks ahead, we will work to find ways to continue our support for those on the frontlines, risking their lives.

For now, thank you to all those who are galvanizing and turning our collective frustration and heartbreak into bold, courageous stands for justice. You are the valiant firefighters quenching the flames of oppression and inequality.