I could not be more excited to launch #InequalityIs, a series of thought-provoking videos featuring leaders in a wide range of fields talking about what inequality looks like from where they’re standing, what they’re doing about it, and where they see other opportunities for change. Short, shareable, and beautifully produced, the series is meant to spark a larger conversation—one that needs your voice.

This past summer, when I announced that the foundation would focus its efforts on challenging inequality, I also told you why: because it is inequality in all its forms that represents the biggest threat to a fair, just, and peaceful world today.

In #InequalityIs, Elton John points out that it was inequality, in the form of deep stigma and discrimination against LGBT people, that laid the ground for the AIDS crisis. Gowri Ishwaran, CEO, of the Global Education and Leadership Foundation, says that inclusive education is key to fighting inequality and avoiding conflict. Just Capital CEO Martin Whittaker argues that early capitalist philosophy was informed by a deep sense of justice, one that can inform today’s markets. And Jose Antonio Vargas, founder of Define American, underscores the importance of understanding that all experiences of inequality are connected.

At Ford, our understanding of inequality is never static. This is purposeful: Just as we’ve always known that no one organization can “solve” inequality, we know we won’t make much progress if we limit discussion to a small group of the usual suspects, or if we decide that we know enough to stop listening and learning.

We believe that by exploring all the dimensions of inequality and inviting everyone to take part in defining it, we’ll be better equipped to challenge it. All of you play an important part in driving this conversation forward: I hope you’ll watch the series and add your own thoughts, offering affirmation when you see fit—and disagreement when you don’t.

So tell us: What does inequality mean to you? Use #InequalityIs to join the conversation.