In the wake of the Great Recession, the inequality gap is widening and millions of Americans are struggling to keep a roof over their heads. We believe that any dialogue about rising inequality in the United States must include a discussion of housing—especially public housing.

“Reimagining Public Housing: Beyond Bricks and Mortar,” an event hosted by the foundation in partnership with the National Public Housing Museum on October 17, will explore the current realities of the public and affordable housing system, and begin to offer a new vision for making sure the system meets the needs of all families.

The foundation’s president, Darren Walker, will lead a conversation about housing and opportunity with Kasim Reed, mayor of Atlanta, and John Rhea, chairman of the New York City Housing Authority. What will it take to make quality, affordable housing a reality across the country? These civic leaders will discuss their cities’ affordable housing systems and their visions for the future.

Later in the afternoon, current and former public housing residents, urban leaders, policymakers and practitioners from around the country will share their experiences and ideas about public housing—painting a portrait of lives changed, communities strengthened and opportunities realized. Guests including the actresses and former public housing residents Angela Bassett and Regina Taylor will share their stories in a conversation with Keith Magee, executive director of the National Public Housing Museum, and speak to the urgent need for a national agenda on public and affordable housing.

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  • Visit the National Public Housing Museum online
  • Watch video of discussions from The Just City, a Ford forum that explored how fairness, opportunity and equity can serve as defining features in a new era of urbanization

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