JAKARTA – Ford Foundation President Darren Walker joined members of the Indonesian government and business community to celebrate the launch of the Indonesia Impact Alliance (IIA). As a founding member of the IIA and an impact investor on a global scale, Ford Foundation will support the IIA to bring together investors, entrepreneurs, and government to develop an impact investing ecosystem in Indonesia that allows businesses to gain financial returns while solving social and environmental problems.

This builds upon Ford’s work to support the broader global impact investing movement, which strives to center positive outcomes in social, economic, and environmental impact alongside financial returns in investment decisions.

“Throughout the world, we’re continuing to see that the growing field of impact investing is a powerful approach that creates effective, scalable solutions for the public while generating positive financial returns. In Indonesia, the IIA will be unlocking a major opportunity,” said Ford Foundation President Darren Walker. “With cross-sector collaboration and strong partnerships, we can leverage private capital to strengthen economies and reshape the way we use our markets to invest in our communities.”

“The power of Impact Investing has been leveraged throughout the world, and we’re excited to expand this methodology here in Indonesia,” said Indonesia Impact Alliance Chair and CEO of Instellar Romy Cahyadi. “The Indonesia Impact Alliance will play a critical role in connecting investors both foreign and domestic to opportunities that will provide growth, opportunity, and innovation that will benefit shareholders and society.”

The IIA’s main goal after the initial launch will be to increase direct investment into early-stage high-impact companies by scaling up Indonesian and foreign investors, as well as the Indonesian diaspora communities. The IIA will also function as a convener, information center, and partner to support the development of impact investing policies in Indonesia. The IIA is also supported by the Ministry of National Development Planning for the Republic of Indonesia and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Indonesia.

Ford Foundation launched its $1 billion Mission Investments program in 2017 and has been a longtime supporter of impact investing domestically and abroad. Ford Foundation served as an incubator for the first-ever National Advisory Board in the United States, which now represents more than $8 trillion worth of impact investments. The foundation also supports the Global Steering Group on Impact Investment, which supports the development of National Advisory Boards around the world, as well as the National Advisory Boards for impact investment in South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana.

“Impact investing as a global movement has grown, in part, through learning and partnership across markets and geographies,” said U.S. Impact Investing Alliance President Fran Seegull. “I am excited to work with our colleagues at the Indonesia Impact Alliance, to share our experiences in the United States, and together to build a movement that places social, economic, and environmental impact at the center of investment decisions.”

“The Nigerian impact investing ecosystem is rapidly evolving with the Ford Foundation being at the forefront of supporting the growth of the market. Through its seed grant to the Impact Investors Foundation (IIF) to facilitate the establishment of the Nigeria National Advisory Board for Impact Investing (NABII), the NABII is positioned to address market barriers and bridge information and data gaps for impact investors,” said Ibukun Awosika, Chairperson, Nigerian National Advisory Board for Impact Investing. “Ford Foundation has proven to be more than a funder but also a true partner who learns and offers to foster collaborations through its local and global network, and it’s encouraging to see these efforts expanding in Indonesia.”

For more information on Ford Foundation’s impact investing work, please visit our website.

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