Keri Gray, founder and CEO of the Keri Gray Group, advises young professionals, businesses, and organizations on issues around disability, race, gender, and intersectionality. Keri illustrates how the framework of intersectionality is essential to true inclusion.

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“The reality is, is that you have people like myself, who are black, disabled, and women, and so many other things. And when you live at the intersections of all three of those, then you can’t split your political and social dynamics between these different groups. It doesn’t produce real results of freedom and it doesn’t produce real results of access to employment and other opportunities that you’re looking for.”

Multiply marginalized people with disabilities experience increased systemic discrimination. By centering those most marginalized and taking an intersectional approach to organizing, we have the opportunity to reimagine existing structures and systems—and create a world that works for and elevates everyone.


Interested in learning more about intersectional organizing and centering black, disabled, women in your work?

  • Hire Sins Invalid, a Ford grantee, to give a workshop or presentation to your organization. Sins Invalid created the framework for disability justice, which centers black disabled queer voices. Read more about the framework in this article, and in the book, Skin, Tooth, and Bone, by Patty Berne and Sins Invalid.
  • Work with the National Alliance of Multicultural Disabled Advocates, an organization led by disabled black, indigenous and people of color organizers, to create workshops and discussion sessions on intersectional organizing.
  • Hire Keri Gray to learn more about best practices around disability inclusion and intersectionality.