Henry Ford III and, Valerie Rockefeller

Legacy and justice

Valerie Rockefeller & Henry Ford III

Henry Ford III, Trustee of the Ford Foundation, and Valerie Rockefeller, Chair of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, discuss the weight and opportunity provided by multigenerational wealth and legacy in philanthropy. Moderated by David Callahan of Inside Philanthropy.

“Philanthropy is the glue that holds our family together.”

Valerie Rockefeller

“You can make more of a difference when you’re unified together as a group versus doing things individually.”

Henry Ford III


The power of a name

Founder and president of the Arcus Foundation, Jon Stryker, explains how the act and choice of naming gives power and influence to the work we support.


We the People: Good philanthropy needs government

Co-chair of Arnold Ventures, Laura Arnold, explains why philanthropy needs good policy to scale solutions, and where change is most needed today.


Generosity to Justice

Purchase a copy of A New Gospel of Wealth: From Generosity to Justice.