JustFilms Logo

The JustFilms logo is used to communicate projects and organizations supported by the documentary filmmaking initiative of Creativity and Free Expression.

Primary JustFilms logo

The stacked version of the Ford Foundation JustFilms logo is the preferred variation of the logo. It should always be used when displayed alongside multiple partner logos, such as a sponsor page or slide.

JustFilms logo - Black and gray
JustFilms logo - Black
JustFilms logo - White and gray
JustFilms logo - White

Horizontal logo

The horizontal logo may be used when vertical space is limited and the stacked version would be too small to read easily. It is available in the same color variants as the primary logo shown above.

JustFilms horizontal logo


The “F” in “Ford Foundation” measures the spacing that needs to be used all around the logo and ensures there is enough breathing room between it and the rest of the contents and layout.

Diagram showing required clearspace around logo

Logo don’ts

Review these examples of things to avoid when using our logo. Do not alter the logo in any way from the approved logo download files.

JustFilms logo with incorrect color application
Don’t change the color of the logo, or any part of it.
JustFilms logo with incorrect alignment
Don’t rearrange or manipulate the position of elements within the logo.
Horizontally stretched JustFilms logo
Don’t stretch or distort the logo.
JustFilms logo with disallowed drop shadow application
Don’t apply shadows or other effects to the logo.
JustFilms logo incorrectly used as an image mask
Don’t use the logo as a mask for imagery or textures.
JustFilms logo incorrectly displayed at an angle
Don’t place the logo on an angle, no matter how jaunty.


Download packages contain color, black and gray, and black and white (knockout) variations of the logo. Vector-based (.EPS) files and bitmap (.PNG) files are included.