“Music has the power to embrace memory, heal communities and resist injustice.”

Sara Curruchich is Maya Kaqchikel singer-songwriter from Guatemala. She has been working with music since 2015 as a way to break stereotypes, denounce inequalities and injustices and current and historical violence against Indigenous women and Indigenous peoples. She developed various art festivals in communities in Guatemala, and led concert tours, such as the Gira Matyox K’aslem, Gira Somos Comunidad, and Somos Radios comunitarias. Sara has led workshops and meetings with girls, adolescents and diverse women to question racist, colonial and sexist narratives and actions in order to facilitate reaffirmation, vindication and healing.

Vision: A more peaceful world through music. Music allows us to reflect and accompany different processes of healing and social well-being. It can spur questioning of racism, trigger and share about historical memories, promote social conscience and dignity, and become a clear transgressive stance against colonial, capitalist social systems and inequality.