“I believe in the power of storytelling to build community and create a more equitable world.”

Ramsey G. Tesdell is the CEO and partner of Sowt.com, an Arab podcast network based in Amman, Jordan, producing leading podcasts in Arabic. He is also a founding partner of 7iber.com, a news magazine in Jordan. Ramsey mentors and works with new media startups, focusing on media strategy and business development with International Center For Journalists. He is an advisory board member to the Google/PRX Podcast Creators Program, and a judge for the Third Coast Audio Festival held in Chicago. He has a BS in rhetoric and communication from Iowa State University and an MS in technical communication from University of Washington. He lives in Amman with his partner and two children.

Vision: Only by producing stories and helping narrate the world around us will we build a more equitable society. Producing engaging audio stories about the Arab world can begin to address the many challenges facing the Middle East, North Africa and Southwest Asia.