QuestionATL is a blind rap artist and producer from Atlanta. He is self-taught on several instruments and began freestyling at 5 years old and making beats at 12. He has won over 20 beat battles, winning trips to Grammy week and SXSW, and competed in the 2019 Battle of the Beatmakers in Toronto. QuestionATL recently joined a band of versatile musicians called Midair Decision and held their first virtual gig from Kentucky. He is currently recording and releasing several solo projects on streaming platforms and leads Blind n Famous, a collective of other blind artists and producers from the U.S., Canada, and the UK who released their latest project in December 2021.

QuestionATL was featured in an article by the Recording Academy on in 2021. He is a founding member of the musical professionals coalition Recording Artists and Musicians with Disabilities (RAMP’D) and is a member of the nonprofit Soulfood Cypher, which teaches youth expression and communication through the art of freestyle rap.