Navild Acosta is a multi-medium artist and activist based in Brooklyn, NY who builds immersive work centering the intersecting identities of Blackness, transness, queerness, and disability. Acosta’s embodied experience as a dancer, transgender non-binary queer person, and Afro-Latinx American citizen have continuously informed his community-centric work. His work examines the intersection of race and performance by creating iterative projects that distill large concepts into greater clarity. Acosta has been featured in Performance JournalVICEBrooklyn MagazineApogee Journal, and BOMB Magazine. He has collaborated with Alicia Keys, Anohni, Dr. Fannie Sosa, Deborah Hay, Lyle Ashton-Harris, and Ralph Lemon. Acosta’s current project, Black Power Naps— is a multi-purpose separatist organizing space with a focus on rest, restoration, rejuvenation, reparation, and Black joy. It is devised in collaboration with Fannie Sosa and other Black artists as a proposition for how reparative economies can better hold communities of color. Acosta studied dance and choreography at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and CalArts. Acosta’s work has been seen at Matadero Madrid, Tate Modern, Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art, The David Roberts Foundation, The Kimmel Center, MOMA PS1, The Studio Museum in Harlem, and The New Museum.