“Disrupting persistent inequality in the world requires strength of character, humility, and consistent values and compassion, because the forces they confront are remarkably powerful.”

Musa Kika is a human rights lawyer who works across Africa to help strengthen institutions that are essential to democracy and prosperity. He also helps countries build strong judicial systems and train people in how to use the legal system to challenge injustice and abuse of power. In his work with the international NGO, Institute for Integrated Transitions, he supports the mission of the organization by helping communities reduce polarization.

Musa bases his work in the belief that how we govern has a significant impact on how we experience inequality. He has challenged inequality and constitutional infractions around Africa, both as legal counsel and as a litigant, written extensively on legal and human rights issues, and helped build citizen agencies that strengthen civil society.

Musa sees the law as a powerful tool in creating a more equal and less polarized world. A more accommodating global society—one that celebrates difference—is possible if we commit to open, equitable, inclusive processes and conversations.