“Collective power, if we nurture it, can change our current world to be more inclusive, diverse, and mutually respectful. In a perfect world, one without stigma and discrimination, we would see everyone living lives free from fear. I want all people, regardless of their gender and identity, and allies to come together and say loudly that injustice must end.”

Kanzha Vinaa is a trans-woman activist and advocate for gender and sexual minorities rights in Indonesia. She works with various groups, including gender minority groups experiencing significant challenges due to their identities. She conducts training, leads local and regional organizing, helps people access legal and public services, connects with government officials, and creates social media campaigns to broaden perspectives and create a more inclusive and mutually respectful society.

Kanzha works with other Indonesian activists and organizers to expand collective power. In her role as chairperson of Sanggar Swara, an organization based in Jakarta, she serves as a public face for gender and diversity issues, mentors and supports young activists, and builds connections between other communities that are committed to a brighter future for everyone. Through this work, she has become more involved in other social justice movements in the country and found ways for inclusive collaboration.

Kanzha believes in building from collective experience and in understanding that mutual aid is the foundation for successful social change. Through a deep commitment to preserving the physical and mental health of those who work for greater acceptance and support for members of minorities groups, it is possible to change the trajectory of the future and move it in a safer, kinder, more equitable direction.