“We can achieve a society that is free of sex trafficking and where all children, women and transgender people are safe.”

Juliana Lohar is a trained social worker and a human rights activist. She is the coordinator of Arz, a social work organization working towards combating sex trafficking in India.

She has been involved in prevention, protection and rehabilitation of victims of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE), and prosecution of traffickers. Her efforts have contributed to the rescue of children and women from CSE, eradication of the religious practice of dedicating girls as devadasi (victims of sex trafficking) in Vasco,Goa, reintegration of victims with their families, economic rehabilitation of victims and prosecution of persons involved in CSE.

She played a key role in the establishment of a business entity for providing a means for livelihood to the victims of CSE, helping hundreds of people exit the sex trade and start new lives.

Vision: A society free of sex trafficking. We can break the market for flesh trade by preventing the trafficking of vulnerable persons, enabling the exit of those being exploited and prosecuting traffickers. Proper support systems and services for victims can reduce harm and turn them into survivors.