“I want to see a world where women and girls have equal access to education and are free from discrimination.”

Joseph Kaifala is the founder and principal of the Center for Memory and Reparations, facilitating remembrance and common narratives around the Sierra Leonean civil war. He is leading the mapping and protection of mass graves across Sierra Leone. He has also facilitated the construction of a civil war memorial, offering Sierra Leoneans a remembrance space. Joseph also founded the Jeneba Project to provide educational opportunities to adolescent girls in Sierra Leone. The Jeneba Project started the Sengbe Pieh Academy, providing girls access to quality high school education and paving a way for them to forge a brighter future. The Jeneba Project has constructed a water supply system that provides 20,000 liters of portable water to the school and Robis village.

Vision: Sierra Leonean girls have an equal right to quality education. We must create a world with inclusive and equitable education for all and eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and girls.