“Stories are elemental: they form the building blocks of how we see ourselves and make meaning in places that are not often seen.”

Jonathan Jackson is a storyteller and communications expert who works to expand inclusive narratives about social and political issues in America. He lectures, trains, and advises senior leaders and multi-national organizations on effective communication strategies and positioning

In 2014, Jonathan helped found Blavity Inc., which has grown into a leading independent media brand focused on Black millennials. He also played a key role in expanding diverse, international voices on LinkedIn via an influencer program. He also served as the editor-in-chief of Red Table Talk and the executive director of narrative and strategic communications of Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore and New York.

Jonathan believes that there is no force more impactful than the media in disseminating messages about what matters, why it matters, and to whom it should matter. His focus is on creating new ecosystems for media to exist, expand ,and flourish, and he aims to see creators express their boundless creativity across timelines, borders, and diasporas.