“The different and unique ways we’ve experienced oppression are only as unifying or as polarizing as we allow them to be. We need to find ways of movement building that have an awareness of that impact.

Farai Morobane is a social impact and development specialist focused on increasing workplace inclusion for LGBTQ+ Africans and creating safer online communities. Through her work in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors, she champions voices that have often been excluded from conversations that affect them.

Farai’s work combines advocacy for workplace inclusion for LGBTQ+ people and digital rights advocacy. Farai is a director at the South African LGBT+ Management Forum, an organization focused on ensuring workplace inclusion and diversity in multinational and South African companies. It also produced Africa’s first index to measure LGBTQ+ inclusion in workplaces. She is also a community engagement and advocacy professional at a tech company, where she focuses on human and digital rights advocacy for underrepresented communities. She has also previously worked as a consultant on corporate social impact strategies and public policy.

Farai recognizes that advocacy, organizing, and engagement are all essential tools for fighting inequality and creating more inclusive societies. Her work is centered on recognizing shared values, challenging the status quo, confronting systemic injustice, and making space for those who have been excluded in the past to speak for themselves.