“Inequality cannot be addressed without transforming and building the political consciousness of Indigenous women so they can advocate for their interests.”

Devi Anggraini is from the Taluk community, an indigenous ethnicity in Sumatra Island, Indonesia. She has been working for more than 22 years for the Indigenous peoples movement in Indonesia, focused on Indigenous women. A trainer and facilitator for building capacity of Indigenous peoples and Indigenous women, Devi works to raise public awareness through various civil society organizations. She was involved in founding Hakiki foundation, which promotes the Indigenous peoples and Indigenous women’s movement in the Riau province, AMAR (Indigenous peoples alliance in Riau), and PEREMPUAN AMAN, which facilitates Indigenous women organizing themselves, building their knowledge and ensuring their rights.

Vision: A transformation of Indigenous women individually and collectively using their knowledge, management area and authority to build leadership, visibility, and political, strategic and substantive power to address inequality.