“A world free of educational disparities is one full of global citizens of all ages who participate in creative, social, and technical communities that build solutions instead of barriers.”

Dedren Snead is a computer scientist, artist, and educator from Atlanta, Georgia. He is the founder of SUBSUME, a technology studio that utilizes gaming and artificial intelligence to create solutions to social inequalities and expand access to education for young people from underrepresented communities.

Dedren works to ensure that all people see their authentic selves represented in popular media, art, and technology. He has worked with Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Serving Institutions in research collaborations aimed at reducing the digital divide’s impact on educational opportunities. In 2024, SUBSUME endeavors to open the world’s first Afrofuturism Technology Salon in downtown Atlanta to develop gaming, creative, and AI-led technology solutions, as well as foster science and technology education and creative collaborations.

Dedren believes it is possible to create inclusive, interactive storytelling that weaves together every culture and background. By using gaming and technology as a foundation for teaching and connecting with one another, we can create a new, more equitable future.