“Helping underserved communities to achieve and maintain financial health is critical to a healthy economy and social progress in China and around the world.”

Dandan Wang is the China representative for Accion, a pioneering global financial inclusion nonprofit, responsible for leading and managing financial inclusion projects in China. One of the earliest professionals bringing commercial microfinance models to China, Dandan has been committed to China’s financial inclusion industry for over 10 years. She helped financial service providers establish viable and innovative business models to serve bottom-of-the-pyramid clients with commercial sustainability and social impacts. The rise and fall of peer-to-peer lending platforms, increased instances of digital fraud, and over-indebtedness as a result of irresponsible digital microcredit lending practices led Dandan to focus on promoting responsible finance and increasing financial capability for vulnerable groups. She helped financial service providers better understand financial health frameworks and design responsible and feasible solutions that truly solve problems and create impacts for low-income populations.

Dandan plans to leverage her expertise in cross-culture communication to bring China’s experiences in financial inclusion overseas.

Vision: Financial inclusion institutions in China must adopt client-centric practices to design and provide quality products and services in a responsible manner that truly benefit vulnerable groups. Rural farmers and small businesses need interventions to increase financial capabilities, achieve financial health, and be empowered to become agents of change in their communities.