Chaima Bouhlel

Journalist, researcher, capacity-building consultant

Tunis, Tunisia, MENA


“I believe that collective action is a tool to hold local governments accountable.”

Leadership: Chaima Bouhlel is a decentralization enthusiast. She understands the power of collective action and previously worked for Barr al Aman and Al Bawsala, two organizations that help ensure that Tunisian citizens are at the core of political work, and that build relationships with government officials to increase civic engagement.

Poverty and economic disadvantage are major challenges in Tunisia, and inadequate government responses have resulted in growing distrust and political protests. Chaima’s research with multiple organizations, as well as her work in building the capacity of local players, both governmental and nongovernmental, and her contribution to different media outlets and formats have helped assuage public distrust by increasing transparency and access to information.

Vision: Chaima envisions a world in which local governments are held accountable to and by their constituents. She sees research and trust building as critical tools in making that vision a reality.