Amanda de Sá Paschoal

Artist, activist, member of ABRAÇA

Brasília, Brazil


“I believe we can make our voices heard—nothing about us without us!”

Leadership: Amanda de Sá Paschoal is an artist, an activist, and an autistic woman. During her childhood, she faced many challenges, which led to her acute awareness of the lack of information about autism. Today, she is leading the fight to expand the visibility of neurodiverse people through training, education, and social media projects.

Amanda is a member of the Brazilian Association for Action for the Rights of People with Autism (ABRAÇA) and, along with other autistic and neurodivergent women, she runs the YouTube channel Autismo em Evidências and Facebook page Primavera Autista. She has given lectures on autism and disability rights at summits, congresses, and symposiums and serves on the Commission for the Defense of the Rights of Autistic People in the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB-DF). She also has a teaching degree in visual arts from the University of Brasília (UnB).

Vision: Brazil’s legal framework has inclusive policies for people with disabilities, but few of them are implemented. Amanda is eager to build acceptance of autism and increase awareness among leaders across sectors about the intersectionality of disability and autism rights with other social justice movements. She is committed to bringing visibility to autism and disability issues around the world.