The extraordinary Grace Lee Boggs passed away last week, at age 100. Her full century of life has left roots that run deep and wide for social justice. She influenced and inspired so many movements and so many leaders that it is impossible to quantify her influence in the US and beyond.

Some of us were in Detroit when we heard the news of her death. Not surprisingly, we were meeting with next-generation social change makers who directly attribute their vision to Grace and her work. Theirs is a powerful vision we are dedicated to supporting.

Such is the legacy of a leader like Grace. Her commitment to dignity and truth, and her unwavering intuition in appealing to people through their strengths and their potential, made her a leader among leaders. Wave after wave of new visionaries have been inspired and impacted by her.

Last year saw the premiere of a film about Grace that the foundation funded. At a screening held at Ford’s headquarters, Grace reminded us from her wheelchair perch that our national education policies need to do much more to truly serve our young people. At 99, she was moved to speak with conviction, and without interruption, about justice and opportunity for youth. That was her last appearance at Ford, yet her words still resonate powerfully with us. As do her life and legacy.

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As a tribute to Grace, PBS will stream the film for free until November 4, 2015.