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Across the globe, we see the promise of better, more prosperous lives for millions of people and the potential for more vibrant, inclusive and sustainable communities. Yet we also see too many people left out and left behind, unable to surmount the barriers that keep them from the opportunity for a better life. These are the parallel realities of the 21st century. In this new age of possibility, how can we narrow the gulf between poverty and promise, between the world as it is and the world we aspire to?

Message from Luis A. Ubiñas

Metropolitan Opportunity

A vision of the Just City is redefining urban America.

A thriving city is an engine of opportunity, a place to work, learn and get ahead. Yet in many parts of the U.S., cities have fallen into decline. In response, we have forged partnerships with 10 metropolitan areas to develop affordable housing and transit systems where they are needed most. These regions are moving forward with a range of ambitious projects, tapping the resources of nonprofit, public and private partners in innovative ways.

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Expanding Community Rights

In India, rural communities are reaping the benefits of their land and resources.

India’s economy is the second fastest growing in the world, bringing new prosperity to large portions of the population. But across India, hundreds of millions of people are still mired in poverty, particularly those living in India’s rain-dependent agricultural regions. To help revitalize rainfed agriculture, we are supporting new alliances among farmers, scientists, economists, advocates, donors, and local, regional and national government leaders. These efforts, we believe, can usher in a new age of sustainable agriculture.

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Educational Equity

A movement to expand learning time for students is taking hold across the country.

The new national Time to Succeed Coalition, launched with our support and participation, is encouraging an educational shift that could change the way American students learn. The mission of the coalition is simple: to inspire and motivate communities across the country to add more learning time to a redesigned school day and year, enabling children everywhere—especially in disadvantaged communities—to get the education they need to succeed.

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Youth Sexuality and Rights

A global campaign will give all girls the chance to reach their full potential.

Each year, approximately 10 million girls are compelled to marry before they reach age 18. The reasons for child marriage differ from one society to the next, but all too often the outcome is the same: a girl isolated and unseen, robbed of the chance to shape her adult life before it even begins. This year, we added our voice to a growing worldwide cry to end the practice of child marriage everywhere.

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Transparent Government

In Indonesia, citizens are deciding the future of their communities.

Democracy has grown steadily in Indonesia since 1999, when the country held its first free and fair elections since 1955. With decentralized planning taking hold across this geographically dispersed nation, we are helping regional and local governments and nonprofit organizations take up the challenge of enabling deep, well-informed participation by local residents. The voices of citizens are especially important for poverty reduction, an area where small, strategic investments can change lives and futures.

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Democratic Participation

For 50 years, we have supported the work of visionary leaders and social movements across Latin America.

During our half century of work in Latin America, the Ford Foundation has stood with leaders whose work has shaped the history of the region. Our support has helped to advance human rights, cultivate civil society, expand new ideas, and strengthen the transition to sustainable peace and justice. Our work continues today through the efforts of our offices in the Andean Region and Southern Cone, Brazil, and Mexico and Central America.

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