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There are many pathways for finding and supporting filmmakers whose works tackle issues of human rights, equal opportunity and human dignity—and which are oriented to real voices and real lives in today’s complex world.

JustFilms pursues three paths:

Signature Partnerships for Creativity and Change

Partnering with major film industry and public media organizations such as the Sundance Institute, the Independent Television Service and the Tribeca Film Institute, helps open doors for our filmmakers and broaden the reach of their work. Learn more about our Partners.

Strategic Films to Advance Social Causes

Building linkages across the work of the Ford Foundation globally, JustFilms uses about one-third of its resources to support projects that advance public understanding and engagement on issues aligned to the efforts of our grantees worldwide. This path invests in filmmakers working to bring voice to some of the toughest issues that the people and organizations we support are confronting. We currently are funding works that address such issues as HIV/AIDS in the United States, education reform, human rights, criminal justice, women’s rights, the environment and more.

New Ideas that Expand Horizons

Remaining open to new ideas wherever they may emerge, JustFilms devotes a third of its grants to projects that we discover through an ongoing open application process. This path helps ensure JustFilms stays tuned to creative and innovative trends and aware of emerging artists and ideas from around the world. You can read more about the inquiry process here.


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