Celebrate the art of song at a free concert, featuring music and performances by Lynn Drury, Sarah Quintana, Spirit McIntyre, Margie Perez, and Keith Porteous. Held in conjunction with the exhibition Per(Sister): Incarcerated Women of LouisianaPer(Sister) in Song is an invitation to dive deeper into the stories behind the music and celebrate the incredible resilience displayed in the community featured in the exhibition.

From rock to Americana, blues to jazz, and folk to pop, the concert is a sample of the unique sounds of Louisiana and the intimate stories of the women incarcerated by the state. The performance—like the exhibition—not only presents the personal experiences of the women who inspired the songs but shines a light on the myriad issues facing formerly and currently incarcerated women.

Intended to engage, inspire, and challenge the audience, the concert is an immersive experience that celebrates the power of storytelling as well as the women in the stories and their persistence in their drive for the integral survival of their mind, body, and soul.