Join us for a performance event in the gallery with Black Power Naps. Clown Moods is a collection and a mood board of minstrels at the court. Killer clowns and rag dolls animate the installation called Black Power Naps: Rockabye Baby where they live happily ever after.

This event is presented as part of the current gallery exhibition Indisposable: Tactics for Care and Mourning, on view through December 10.

About Black Power Naps:

Black Power Naps is a sculptural installation, vibrational device and curatorial initiative that reclaims laziness and idleness as power. Departing from historical records that show that deliberate fragmentation of restorative sleep patterns were used to subjugate and extract labor from enslaved people, we have realized that this extraction has not stopped, it has only morphed. A state of constant fatigue is still used to break our will. This “sleep gap” shows that there are front lines in our bedrooms as well as the streets: deficit of sleep and lack of free time for some is the building block of the “free world.” After learning who benefits most from restful sleep and down time, we are creating interactive surfaces for a playful approach to investigate and practice deliberate energetic repair. As Afro Latinx artists, we believe that reparation must come from the institution under many shapes, one of them being the redistribution of rest, relaxation, and down times.

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