Strengthening the field

Grants to support impact investing

We make grants to build and strengthen the infrastructure of the impact investment market—with an eye to shaping the broader capital markets. We do this by supporting policies and practices to help the marketplace expand around the world and by building awareness around how and why impact investing works. This includes efforts to increase the availability of information on financial and impact performance and create better tools to assess environmental, social, and governance risk. We aim to enhance the market infrastructure to help create long-term value and align market incentives.

The U.S. Impact Investing Alliance

As part of our commitment to strengthening the field, we are helping to support a network of leaders focused on using capital for social good. Made up of financial institutions, high net worth individuals, and philanthropy leaders, the U.S. Impact Investing Alliance raises awareness of impact investing in the United States, fosters deployment of impact capital through public policy and investor engagement, and works to help build the impact investing ecosystem globally. The Alliance aims to put measurable social and environmental impact at the center of investment decision making, alongside financial return and risk.

The Alliance is chaired by our president, Darren Walker, and supported by the Ford Foundation and a range of other individual and institutional funders who share our commitment to impact investing. Learn more.

Program Staff

Portfolio Manager, Mission Investments
New York, USA
Deputy Director, Mission Investments
New York, USA
Graham Macmillian, New York 2016. Photo Credit: Simon Luethi ©Ford Foundation.
Graham Macmillan
Former Senior Program Officer, Mission Investments
New York, USA
Grants Manager, Mission Investments
New York, USA
Director, Mission Investments
New York, USA
Mission Investments Officer, Mission Investments
New York, USA