US program

Anticipated Outcomes

Strong standards

A robust, networked field of global public interest internet policy institutions has established clear and enforceable legal, regulatory, and technical standards to advance digital rights and access.

Public interest technologists

Government, civil society, and philanthropy recruit public interest technologists, and ensure that they play a key role in addressing critical policy questions related to digital rights and access.

Agendas and campaigns

Civil, human, and internet rights advocates work with public interest technologists to develop shared agendas and coordinate campaigns to protect the public.

Public interest technology field

A developing field of public interest technology organizations serves the public interest on a full range of technology issues.

Public interest infrastructure

Built on a more secure and standardized digital infrastructure, the technical foundations of the internet prioritize the public interest.

Social justice technology

A robust ecosystem of effective, user-friendly public interest technologies supports free speech, privacy, access, and freedom from unjust surveillance, censorship, and data bias.

What we don’t fund

We know nonprofit staff’s time is valuable, so we discourage using it to submit proposals that don’t fall within funding guidelines. In this spirit, we aim to be transparent about what our grant making does not support.

We do not make grants to support the development of technology products, including apps, websites, platforms, hackathons, online campaign technology, or other technology products. We do not support computer deployment, education, intellectual property work, traditional media policy, digital journalism, or digital training.