Our Strategy

Anticipated four-year outcomes

A robust movement

A stronger affordable housing movement emerges, anchored by effective advocates and networks, fueled by constituencies—especially those feeling the burden of high housing costs—and bolstered by connections between grassroots groups, decision-makers, and other stakeholders at the local, state, and national levels.

Essential tools

Effective tools to advance affordable housing and prevent displacement—for tenant protection, land policy reform, real estate value capture, and more—are deployed and used broadly.

Land and capital

There are new ways to efficiently generate public and private capital and allocate land resources, for preservation and new production of permanently affordable homes in inclusive communities.

New narratives

This quiet crisis becomes a loud one, amplified by new narratives that emphasize housing affordability as a fundamental good, as well as the housing sector’s role in providing stable homes that let people succeed.

An innovative, effective agenda

A bold, revamped agenda for policy reform redistributes the division of responsibility among federal, state, and local governments and private institutions, commensurate with the scale and stakes of the rental housing crisis.

Donors to transform the field

A bigger, broader, and better-aligned landscape of donors goes beyond plugging gaps and playing defense, and truly transforms the field.