International program

Rooted in systems of power and patriarchy, violence against women and girls is both a consequence and a driver of inequality and social injustice. It transcends cultural boundaries and political contexts, reinforcing and exacerbating other forms of discrimination based on disability, race, class, caste, sexual orientation, and age.

By approaching this critical issue in ways that are driven by community realities, we see an opportunity to transform social norms that contribute to violence. We seek more accountability for violence, and support efforts to reshape the global agenda to reflect the needs and experiences of affected women and girls in the Global South, with particular attention to the ways race, class, and gender intersect.  

We work to strengthen diverse Global South leadership, along with an understanding of the structures that shape and drive violence, and the ways dominant systems of power shape women and girls’ experiences. We support building research and evidence on the scope of the problem, and interventions that can influence policy and practice. We also seek to cultivate philanthropy and bilateral donors to ensure increased and more coordinated funding for the field.

What we don’t fund

We know nonprofit staff’s time is valuable, so we discourage using it to submit proposals that don’t fall within funding guidelines. In this spirit, we aim to be transparent about what our grant making does not support.

We do not fund direct services that are not linked to a larger reform or policy change agenda.