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The Diversifying Art Museum Leadership Initiative will support creative solutions to diversify curatorial and management staff at art museums across the United States.

In the coming decades, a transformational wave of foreseeable demographic changes will create a new American tapestry. Social, economic, and technological changes will reshape the domestic and global economy, and the nation’s fiscal condition will face increasing challenges.

Rockefeller Foundation, Open Society Foundations, and Ford Foundation Announce Efforts to Help Puerto Rico Rebound and Rebuild.

More than $1.5 million in Art of Change fellowships will propel creative work focused on freedom and justice.

The Ford Foundation today announced the appointment of disability and civil rights advocate Judith E. Heumann as a senior fellow.

On the heels of its recent $1 billion commitment to mission-related investments, the foundation partners with the U.S. Impact Investing Alliance, a newly launched field-building organization that will focus on advancing the movement to use capital for social good.

A well-established advocate for women, immigrants, and low-wage workers, Poo is currently the director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and co-director of Caring Across Generations.

In partnership with the Ford Foundation, the national fund will support organizations addressing mass incarceration across the United States.

Detroit’s effort to focus targeted, strategic reinvestment in city neighborhoods has received a significant boost from support awarded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Ford Foundation.

The Ford Foundation and the Economist Intelligence Unit released a new report considering Colombia’s challenges in the context of other countries that have emerged from internal conflict, to identify effective strategies and highlight potential pitfalls to be avoided in building a peaceful, inclusive economy.

Xavier de Souza Briggs, the foundation’s vice president for Economic Opportunity and Markets, talked to Bloomberg’s Lenora Suki about our commitment to mission-related investments.

The Ford Foundation today announced it is committing up to $1 billion from its $12 billion endowment over the next 10 years to the nascent investment field known as mission-related investing.

A renowned public interest lawyer, Stevenson is founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) in Montgomery, Alabama.

Several scams in the form of email, phone and text message solicitations claiming to be from or associated with the Ford Foundation are circulating.

Ahead of the United Nations Habitat III conference on urban development in Quito next week, the Ford Foundation hosted a press briefing on what’s at stake.

As we undertake an exciting renovation and restoration project on our landmark building in New York City, we have relocated to temporary offices at 1440 Broadway.

Nine-day residency to explore immersive VR storytelling with 12 diverse creators from Canada and the US.

The foundation’s work in Brazil aims to address inequality in all its forms, including economic, political, and social inequalities. With decades of experience in civil society in both Brazil and abroad, Roque carries legitimacy and authority to lead the Ford Foundation in Brazil.

We’re seeking a smart partner to help us identify criteria and make recommendations for which states in the US would be good places to focus our funding efforts.

With over 20 years of experience in financial services, Sulzberger brings a valuable perspective to the foundation’s board at a time of visionary change.

Ford Foundation president Darren Walker reflects on the mass shooting in Orlando and applauds solidarity between LGBT and American Muslim communities.

The Pulitzer Prize Board elected Alexander to a three-year term. The 19-member board chooses the winners of the Pulitzer Prizes in journalism, books, drama and music each April.

The rule is an opportunity for nonprofit organizations to embrace those values within their own organizations—even if doing so is challenging.

As director, he will advance Ford’s work in addressing inequality to pave the way for economic opportunity and inclusive growth.

Foundations plan to commit nearly $125 million to support health, education, and economic development.

The federal Social Innovation Fund has announced new grants to help develop Pay for Success projects across the nation.

Reich will guide the foundation’s BUILD efforts in the United States and across its 10 global offices to implement sector-leading approaches to supporting the sustainability, vitality, and effectiveness of organizations and networks that serve as pillars of broader social movements.

Awarded a fellowship by the Ford Foundation, Anna Pauline (Pauli) Murray pursued a doctorate in law at Yale in order to further her scholarly work on gender and racial justice.

Through the Flex Fund, the three foundations will provide second-stage funding for joint projects by social entrepreneurs and filmmakers.

“They fear us because we are fearless.” - Berta Cáceres

Network of foundations issues call to action for all U.S. philanthropic institutions to adopt fair chance hiring measures.

The two-year partnership will raise global awareness on social justice at the Doc Corner in Cannes.

Rothenberg will lead new division, which reflects the foundation’s commitment to continuous learning as it refines its approach to challenging inequality in all its forms.

The foundation is embarking on a mission-driven renovation of its landmark NYC headquarters, bringing it up to municipal code while expanding spaces for convening and creating a global center for social justice.

Ford Foundation announces the appointment of Kavita N. Ramdas as Senior Advisor to the President.

California attorney general, California public colleges and universities launch new statewide initiative.

Former USAID mission director will lead the foundation's work in realizing the potential of youth to create positive social change in the world and be a force for progress. 

The Ford Foundation announces the appointment of poet, essayist, playwright, and scholar Elizabeth Alexander as director of its Creativity and Free Expression program.

The Ford Foundation announces the appointment of legal scholar and author Michelle Alexander as a senior fellow contributing to the foundation’s work on democracy, rights, and justice.

Hilary Pennington named one of America's Top 20 Women in Philanthropy and Civic Engagement.

Ford Foundation president Darren Walker calls for greater diversity in the museum sector.

New Orleans has always been a great city. Now it has an opportunity to become a just city—a city rooted in inclusivity, where fairness and equity are at the heart of all urban planning.

Marking the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the members of the Land of Opportunity project worked with us to produce this short documentary featuring some of our local partners.

New federal program will test models for allowing incarcerated Americans to receive Pell Grants and pursue postsecondary education while in prison.

Ford's VP for global communications responds to Andy Kessler's op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

Ford Foundation president Darren Walker emphasizes the importance of building institutions.

The Ford Foundation was honored at the Ailey Spirit Gala for the foundation's support of the arts and arts education.

This week, the US Senate ended the NSA’s bulk collection of millions of Americans’ phone records by passing the USA Freedom Act.

The Ford Foundation today announced it was making $500,000 in grants to support disaster relief and recovery in Nepal, where the foundation has supported development work for over 60 years.

JustFilms is proud to have supported four films selected for this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

Drawn from around the world, the visiting fellows are renowned in their fields for their resolute focus on themes of arts and equity.

Building on the foundation’s legacy of commitment to the arts, the distinguished visiting fellows will explore the power of culture.

Ford Foundation celebrates half a century of creating opportunities for low-income Americans.

Gathering to commemorate a pivotal moment in the civil rights movement.

The foundation responds to erroneous reports about net neutrality support.

A well-deserved Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.

The first African American woman to head a Fortune 500 company joins the foundation's board.

The foundation is a partner in a national effort to make the US criminal justice system more fair, just, and effective.

Philanthropy leaders commit to putting Internet rights at the center of philanthropic work.

Joint statement from the Open Society Foundations, Ford Foundation, and Atlantic Philanthropies.

A change consistent with the foundation's longtime commitment to transparency and knowledge sharing.

Initiative to host session on digital safety and security for filmmakers at festival.

Foundation president assumes leadership role to advance a collaborative, cross-sector effort.

New director will lead the foundation's work on equitable urban development in the US and developing world.

We applaud the announcement that the US and Cuba will establish full relations.

The New York Hall of Science’s Innovation Institute is helping high school–age participants invent things of value for their community.

The latest news and commentary on Detroit's new chapter.

Bernstein brings over 25 years of experience managing not-for-profit institutions and their financial and operational health and effectiveness.

As Ford's director of communications since 2006, Ironside has been integral to developing and executing the foundation's strategic vision.

The renowned university chancellor and transplant surgeon brings wide-ranging experience and keen intellect to his new position.

The new director has been at the forefront of citizen engagement and government accountability for two decades.

The globally renowned social justice leader will head the office based in Mexico City.

In 1967, Sheila Hicks created two original tapestries for the Ford Foundation’s auditorium and boardroom. After nearly 50 years, she re-created them at her atelier in Paris.

JustFilms projects are being considered for the 35th Annual News and Documentary Emmys and the 66th Annual Primetime Emmys.

Gilbert brings more than 20 years of experience that spans the government, nonprofit, and private sectors and includes human resources work in Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America, and Europe.

A former Ford staffer who served with distinction.

Details about what to do if you receive scam e-mails or phone solicitations claiming to be from or associated with the foundation.

The foundation is proud to support the first LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund.

Recommendations and initial funding commitments set the stage for a long-term effort to ensure success in health, education, and employment.

What happens when low-wage workers start earning a living wage, the right to resist around the globe, why Brazil is the world leader in reducing carbon emissions, countering inequality denial.

Foundation support helps realize the expansion of a promising arts education program.

Accepting the organization's annual Civic Inspiration Award, Darren Walker can't help showing off his own love of dance.

A visionary filmmaker whose death is a loss to the entire documentary community.

A report clarifies what we need to know to bring an end to a deeply harmful practice.

Poverty in the suburbs, disparities in credit card debt, when asylum seekers confront immigration barriers.

A big new idea in international development, reopening schools in the Central African Republic, what if the middle class moved into public housing?

How to staunch the flow of tech talent away from the public sector.

Watching India's elections, investigating today's segregated schools, why climate change is violence.

A passionate human rights defender and foundation veteran.

The stunning winner of World Press Photo of the Year, traveling the length of the US-Mexico border, how city streets can both foster and crush social change.

The economic case for LGBT rights, affordable housing that doesn't crush the soul, filmmakers pushing at boundaries and for change.

Addressing inequality in Latin America, gender parity in the workplace, revealing broadband maps.

An online platform to discuss ideas relating to urban equity in development.

A new exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum looks at art and civil rights in the 1960s.

How banks are cashing in on food stamps, protecting temp workers, a potential cautionary tale in Uganda? and more.

Foundations will work with government, business, and community leaders on the My Brother's Keeper initiative.

Two powerful JustFilms productions have their world premiere at the festival in New York City.

Lopez will be the first artist to join the foundation's board.

Busting myths about arts funding, LGBT people and food insecurity, banking in the post office.

Series of events to focus on achieving the full promise of democracy.

Opportunity vs. inequality, global attitudes about aging, coming out in Africa and more.

Fighting harmful financial services with better ones.

Innovation meets inequality, smart cities, fighting climate change, building an economic justice movement and more.

Supports quality films and digital projects tackling urgent, complex social justice issues.

Connecting restaurant patrons and restaurant workers, understanding net neutrality, filling in gaps on Wikipedia and more.

We are pleased to contribute to a balanced, workable plan that will enable Detroit to emerge from bankruptcy renewed and stronger.

Arts in Africa, online harassment, the geography of poverty and more.

Fifty years ago this week, President Lyndon B. Johnson used his State of the Union address to declare "unconditional war on poverty" in America.

Fighting gender violence in India, equal marriage and economic inequality, what the tech sector can learn from urbanists.

The iconic feminist activist and writer was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

A look back at some of the highlights of the past 12 months.

An investment in Code Switch, NPR's race, ethnicity, and culture reporting initiative.

Stories of poverty and opportunity from the most unequal city in America

A new report examines and aims to staunch the flow of technology talent away from the public sector.

Remembering Madiba, protecting consumers, a crisis in technology talent, the changing face of the AIDS epidemic and more.

A JustFilms-supported feature offers rare insight into the human stories behind the immigration debate.

The Ford Foundation mourns the passing of Nelson Mandela and celebrates his impact on the world.

What we're reading, watching, discussing, and exploring around the web.

What we're reading, watching, discussing, and exploring around the web.

A new interactive platform explores community redevelopment in the face of disaster.

In the year since Hurricane Sandy hit the greater New York metro area, we've been working to support a long-term response to the storm.

New board member shares our commitment to fairness and equal access to opportunity for all.

New video tells the story of a day laborer family striving for a better life.

Briggs will oversee all of the program's global grantmaking and serve as an officer of the Board of Trustees.

Public and affordable housing has long been vital to this country, but it's also been ignored and misunderstood.

The Ford Foundation is committed to ending this devastating practice.

Support for seven leading human rights organizations will strengthen and diversify the movement and enable it to confront abuses.

The US is surging toward even greater inequality. This film asks why.

Ford Foundation appoints Hilary Pennington and Martín Abregú as program vice presidents.

Darren Walker will become the foundation's 10th president, succeeding Luis A. Ubiñas. 

The Ford Foundation announces the appointment of Cara Mertes as director of its JustFilms program.

The Ford Foundation announces the appointment of Elizabeth D. Knup as head of its office in China, based in Beijing

The Ford Foundation announces the appointment of Achmat Dangor as head of its office for Southern Africa.

Ford Foundation president Luis A. Ubiñas announces his plan to leave the foundation in September of 2013.

The first cohort of the Ford Foundation Law School Public Interest Fellowship Program has been selected and notified by their respective law schools.

The Ford Foundation today announces the appointment of Ricardo Castro as vice president and general counsel/

JustFilms, the Ford Foundation’s social justice film fund, is providing major support to eight independent films selected for competition and premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, the world’s leading showcase for independent filmmaking.

The Ford Foundation announces an initial investment of $3 million to the World Bank’s Global Partnership for Social Accountability

The Ford Foundation announces the appointment of Innocent Chukwuma as representative for West Africa, serving Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, The Gambia, Mali, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Select public schools in Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Tennessee will significantly expand and redesign their school calendars starting in 2013 in an effort to radically improve learning for tens of thousands of students.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg announces a new program to support New York City nonprofits impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

A special section in the current issue of America’s Quarterly explores the role of philanthropy in “sparking and deepening” social, economic and political change across Latin America over the past half-century.

The Ford Foundation continued the celebration of its 50th anniversary in Eastern Africa today by honoring ten organizations as Champions of Democracy.

The Ford Foundation announces a five-year $25 million commitment to help end child marriage, a harmful practice that afflicts the lives of 10 million girls in dozens of countries around the world each year.

Ford Foundation has supported El Barrio's Artspace P.S. 109 a project since its early planning stages.

The Ford Foundation announced its partnership in founding the Better Than Cash Alliance, an initiative launched jointly with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Citi, Omidyar Network, USAID, U.N. Capital Development Fund and Visa Inc.

The foundation recently made grants to two newspapers: The Los Angeles Times, to expand its coverage of immigration issues and ethnic communities; and to The Washington Post, to strengthen its reporting on government accountability.

The Ford Foundation announces the first round of grants in a new five-year, $50 million initiative to strengthen and diversify the global human rights movement to face the challenges of a changing world.

We are saddened by the death of Elinor Ostrom, a longtime grantee of the foundation who in 2009 became the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

The Ford Foundation announces the appointment of Kavita N. Ramdas as representative in its New Delhi office, serving India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

The Ford Foundation announces a program of special grants and activities to celebrate its 50th anniversary working in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

More than 100 education and civic leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds launched a national coalition to encourage an educational shift that could change the way American children learn.

The Ford Foundation announces $4.5 million in special grants along with a program of activities to commemorate its 50th anniversary in Latin America.

A $30 million investment from the Ford Foundation has enabled community development financial institution Self-Help to merge with seven credit unions in California.

Ford Foundation’s documentary film fund, is providing major support to five independent films selected for competition and premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, the world’s leading showcase for independent filmmaking.

The Ford Foundation announces the appointment of Noha El-Mikawy to lead its Middle East and North Africa office, which focuses on Egypt.

The Ford Foundation announces the winners of its Jubilee Transparency Awards.

The Ford Foundation announces the appointment of Maurice Odhiambo Makoloo as representative for Eastern Africa, serving Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

The Ford Foundation Board of Trustees announces the election of two new members, Martin Eakes and Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

A new global effort to end child marriage was announced today at the 2011 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, turning the international spotlight on a harmful traditional practice that affects the lives of 10 million girls in dozens of countries around the world every year.

Phillip L. Clay, a prominent housing and community development expert, academic and administrator, has joined the Ford Foundation as a senior fellow.

ArtPlace, a “creative placemaking” effort, is intended to drive revitalization in cities and towns across the United States through an innovative investment model that puts arts at the center of economic development.

The Ford Foundation today announced the appointment of Myriam Méndez-Montalvo as representative for its office serving the Andean Region and Southern Cone, based in Santiago, and Nilcéa Freire as representative for the foundation’s office in Brazil, based in Rio de Janeiro.

The trustees and staff of the Ford Foundation warmly congratulate their colleague Willy Mutunga, who today was confirmed by the Kenyan Parliament as the next chief justice of the Supreme Court of Kenya.

The Ford Foundation announces the appointment of Jonathan Barzilay as director of its work on freedom of expression.

The Ford Foundation's groundbreaking effort to help Vietnamese people and Americans address the lingering effects of Agent Orange in Vietnam will transition to the Aspen Institute.

Ford Foundation announces $100,000 awards to 12 social innovators who, through their extraordinary vision and courageous work, are improving the lives of millions of people.

The Ford Foundation announced today that it has selected the Development Initiatives Network (DIN) to manage the application process for the foundation's $1 million Jubilee Transparency Awards. 

Our Cairo office is just a few blocks away from Tahrir Square, a location that enables us to stay close to events but which also presents some challenges. 

Leveraging Investments in Creativity (LINC) and the Ford Foundation announces the winners of the Space for Change Planning and Pre-Development Grants, awarding up to $100,000 each to 12 nonprofit arts organizations in the early stages of developing exemplary cultural facilities.

GrantCraft—a groundbreaking enterprise that equips grant makers with an array of tools to help them hone their craft and be more effective—is moving from the Ford Foundation to the Foundation Center in New York and European Foundation Centre in Brussels, the three institutions jointly announced.

The Foundation announces a five-year, $50 million initiative to help find and support a new generation of filmmakers whose works address urgent social issues.

Ford Foundation announces grants totaling $4.1 million to six organizations to design and undertake innovative research on youth sexuality in the United States. The research is intended to provide new data and analysis for public discussion of policies and programs that affect young people's sexual choices and health.

The Ford Foundation today marked 50 years of work in Nigeria and West Africa by opening a new building and announcing $1 million in special awards that will help build a healthy and vibrant future for the region.

The Ford Foundation today announced a five-year, $85 million initiative that will make rural and indigenous people a stronger part of the world's response to climate change, saying that engaging these populations is essential to reducing poverty and building long-term climate solutions.

The Ford Foundation is delighted by today's announcement that Jobs for the Future is the recipient of one of 11 inaugural Social Innovation Fund (SIF) awards from the Corporation for National and Community Service in Washington, D.C. 

The Ford Foundation announces a $25 million effort to fight the disproportionate yet largely hidden impact of HIV/AIDS on marginalized communities in the United States.

The Ford Foundation announces the election of Irene Hirano Inouye as the next chair of its Board of Trustees.

The Ford Foundation today announced a five-year, $200 million effort to help transform the way cities, suburbs and surrounding communities grow and plan for the future, promoting a new metropolitan approach that interweaves housing, transportation and land-use policy to foster greater economic growth. 

The National Fund for Workforce Solutions received the 2010 Distinguished Grantmaking Award for Collaboration from the Council on Foundations at its annual conference.

Social Performance Task Force is encouraging MFIs to show their commitment to transparency through the Social Performance Reporting Awards.

With funding for arts and cultural institutions under intense downward pressure nationally, the Ford Foundation today announced a 10-year, $100 million initiative to support a new generation of arts spaces. 

The Ford Foundation today announced Darren Walker as its next vice president for Education, Creativity and Free Expression, one of Ford's three major program areas.

The Ford Foundation this week joined with four other foundations to fund a $12 million initiative of Complete College America

The Foundation announces that Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, will join the foundation's board of trustees.

The Ford Foundation announces a $250,000 grant to the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), a global health-focused nonprofit started by former President William J. Clinton in 2002.

The Ford Foundation has announced $1 million in grants to support urgent humanitarian relief efforts for victims of last week's earthquake in Haiti.