A bold vision for philanthropy in the 21st century is needed—one that moves giving from generosity to justice.

In philanthropy, there’s a spectrum of giving that exists: Generosity is focused on helping someone in need; justice is about solving the problems that created the need. A healthy society needs both, but we believe it’s time to dedicate more resources to the fight for justice.

This online resource and forum is dedicated to conversation about the future of philanthropy. It will grow to feature a myriad of insights from leaders, thinkers and visionaries from every field and sector thinking hard about the future of philanthropy, its role in society, and the part each of us play to bring the world closer to justice.

These conversations are part of a larger movement to use philanthropy to build a fairer, more just future—a movement we hope you’ll join.

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From Generosity to Justice: A New Gospel of Wealth is now available, featuring an ensemble of leaders in conversation with Ford Foundation President Darren Walker about the future of 21st century philanthropy.

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